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Edge protectors made from 100 % recycled paper

We provide you with high-quality, recyclable edge protectors and edge protection profiles for pallet protection. They protect your sensitive goods from knocks and scratches during transportation and storage and prevent stretch film or stretch bands from denting and damaging stretched pallets.

The edge protectors distribute the load during strapping and significantly increase the overall stability of the pallet. This means that up to twice as many goods can be stored. The design is entirely up to you: solid profiles for straight edges or edge protectors with notches for curved and angular edges.

The edge protectors can be individually printed with your logo or another motif.

Edge protectors made from 100 % recycled paper
Eco-glue. Recyclable. No damaged cardboard edges.

Advantages of our edge protectors

  • Robust, stable and easy to shorten
  • Protection against knocks and scratches during transportation
  • Optimal for repeated loading
  • In various lengths, thicknesses and leg widths
  • With and without self-adhesive
  • Strapping bands are held in position better
  • Very good quality at attractive conditions
  • Sustainable: made from waste paper, simply dispose of in waste paper

Edge protectors, corrugated and solid board edge protectors

Whether you need sustainable edge protectors or corrugated and solid cardboard edge protectors for heavier goods, we have what your goods need for sustainable transportation. We can deliver all standard sizes promptly from stock.

We manufacture our edge protectors from 100% gray cardboard (i.e. recycled paper) and use an environmentally friendly glue for bonding. No other raw materials are required for the production of our edge protectors. For this reason, we speak of a very sustainable packaging material that can be fully recycled. Our corrugated cardboard edge protectors can be provided with the RESY mark and are particularly suitable for cushioning heavy goods. They are slightly stronger and provide even better protection for your goods.

All edge protection strips are also available with self-adhesive strips for easy handling.

100 % recyclable. Reusable.

The strapping bands stay in place better thanks to the edge protectors. In addition to cardboard boxes, your goods themselves can also be padded with flexible edge protectors. As an alternative to traditional materials (plastic or foam), we offer sustainable edge protectors made from solid, corrugated and honeycomb cardboard, which are particularly suitable for doors, monitors or panels. Our U-profiles are also suitable as corner protectors or spacers between the product and outer packaging. They optimally absorb shocks and impacts and are particularly adaptable thanks to their shape. They can be easily tailored to individual requirements. What's more, the edge protectors are 100% recyclable and can be reused several times, which not only saves resources but also your money.

All edge protectors are available in various designs and thicknesses, for example with self-adhesive strips or perforations for customizing the size.

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Sustainability is important to us. Lüning verpackt therefore focuses on sustainable packaging solutions for food and optimum load securing. We are your partner for packaging: Personal advice. Tailor-made products. Quality at attractive conditions.