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Supplier for sustainable packaging

J. N. Lüning & Co. GmbH has been offering "green" and innovative packaging for safe transportation and fresh food for over 100 years. Customized and individual packaging solutions made of paper, economical and ecological ways to protect products. Anti-slip paper is plastic-free and prevents the load from slipping. Packaged goods in cellophane look more attractive and stay fresh for longer.

Supplier of sustainable packaging | Lüning verpackt

Environmentally friendly packaging and shipping

In addition to our main products of anti-slip paper and cellophane from our in-house packaging, we can offer you all plastic-free packaging to meet your shipping and storage requirements with our competent partners and a functioning network. Cartons, adhesive tapes, bags and pouches, filling and shipping materials, load securing products and pallets.

You will always find the right "green" packaging with us, regardless of the size or type of your products. We offer you top service and only the best quality. So don't hesitate to contact our dedicated team so that together we can find the right solution for your products.


Our cellophane is versatile: transparent, stable and environmentally friendly. You can easily wrap and protect high-quality food in a natural product instead of plastic film. Be inspired by the clear look and the numerous application options. This paper film gives your creations a very special shine.

Anti-slip paper

Safety first. Discover our high-quality anti-slip paper that ensures safe transportation. Avoid accidents and damage to your goods thanks to the reliable adhesion and stability of our sustainable plastic-free product. Together we will find the right solution for a reliable and worry-free supply chain.

Anti-slip mats made of paper

If non-slip paper is not enough, then anti-slip cardboard is the solution and an inexpensive alternative to anti-slip mats made of rubber granules.

Edge protectors

Our edge protectors offer stability and environmental friendliness in one. Made from recycled materials, they are the sustainable choice for safe transportation. Find out how our environmentally conscious products protect your goods while helping to reduce your ecological footprint. Go for sustainability without compromise.

Customer-oriented. Competent. Strong service.

As a Hanseatic family business from Bremen, we have been supporting industry and the wholesale trade with our specialty papers since 1923. Our values and convictions have not changed over the years: Sustainability is our top priority. The growing trend towards ecological packaging confirms that we are on the right track.

In addition to sustainability, we also attach great importance to people, such as the interpersonal aspect in our customer-supplier relationships. Our actions are always guided by our guiding principle: we are customer-oriented, competent and offer a strong service.

It fills us with pride that we have been able to support many of our customers with our "green" packaging solutions for decades. At the same time, we look forward to every new customer, to whom we are happy to pass on our expertise in order to become a reliable partner for sustainable packaging.

Soeren Hadeler, Managing Director
Soeren Hadeler

Load securing

Secure cargo means protected goods. With professional load securing, you reduce risks during transportation and protect your goods from damage. 

Food packaging

Sustainable food packaging is environmentally friendly and protects quality and freshness. It is a sustainable choice for a greener future.

Keep food fresh and cool with our innovative insulation solutions. Our Frisch mich packaging offers reliable protection and a longer shelf life.

Push-pull attachment
Good for the environment

100% recyclable in waste paper

Compact, flexible, sustainable: our slip sheets are made of laminated paperboard and are very durable. They can be easily combined with existing pallet systems and are therefore a good and, above all, cost-effective alternative to wooden pallets. Slip sheets are lightweight, environmentally friendly and available with anti-slip properties.

J. N. Lüning & Co. GmbH has been your partner for sustainable packaging for over 100 years.

100 years of Lüning. 100 % future.

Sustainability is important to us. Lüning verpackt therefore focuses on sustainable packaging solutions for food and optimum load securing. We are your partner for packaging: Personal advice. Tailor-made products. Quality at attractive conditions.