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Anti-slip paper for load securing

Ensure maximum safety during transportation with our anti-slip paper, which provides reliable grip and prevents goods from slipping.

You can rely on our many years of experience and our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Together we will find the right solution for securing your load.

Anti-slip paper to secure transportation

Does anti-slip paper also work in automated packing lines with vacuum lifters?

Yes, we have specially developed and optimized the coating of our anti-slip paper so that robots can automatically remove it - depending on the technical possibilities on site - from a grammage of 100 gr/sqm. We have taken particular care to avoid any blocking so that only one interleaf paper is removed at a time. When purchasing raw paper, we attach great importance to absolutely consistent quality. We also test all batches in our laboratory so that the samples can then be stored for optimum traceability. We only purchase very high-quality base paper, as the higher fiber density (and therefore lower air permeability) enables perfect removal by robots.

Are formats other than 74 x 114 cm (for Euro pallets) or 94 x 114 cm (for industrial pallets) also possible?

We can produce any format up to a maximum size of 160 cm. We have a large number of different raw paper roll widths in stock. We apply our "secret" coating to these for you before your anti-slip paper is cut into your desired format in the next step using an automatic, state-of-the-art cutting machine. If you require less than a pallet, we can cut your desired format from our standard formats using another cutting machine. For example, we supply confectioners with small non-slip blanks for cake boxes.

Is the anti-slip paper also available in rolls?

This is no problem, as the non-slip paper is produced in rolls. However, the price per square meter only changes slightly. The cutting process is normally automated afterwards. The freight costs per roll are slightly higher due to their shape, but the cuts are optimally palletized. For cutting, you need a suitable cutting machine that always has cut anti-slip paper ready for use.

What if my requirement is less than a pallet?

We have all standard grammages and formats in stock at our distribution warehouse in Bremen and can help you with your requirements of approx. 1,000 sheets or more. We can also produce or cut special formats for you in small quantities using our cutting machine.

Is anti-slip paper waterproof?

Due to the special anti-slip coating, our special paper has a certain COBB value, which varies slightly depending on the grammage and quality. The effect is similar to that of a drop of water landing on a GORE-TEX jacket - the water rolls off. However, this effect is not permanent in heavy or prolonged wet conditions - a plastic coating would be required for this.

Do you need an absolutely waterproof paper? In this case we offer a special coating.

What coefficient of sliding friction or coefficient of friction does the anti-slip paper have?

The coefficient of sliding friction or coefficient of friction is decisive for the load securing values of anti-slip paper and is measured in different ways. The value 0.6 µ, the guideline value of VDI standard 2700 sheet 14, is frequently mentioned. This value is maintained by our high-quality anti-slip paper with all common material pairings.

The exact coefficient of sliding friction depends on the combination of different surfaces. Our anti-slip paper is used as a pallet layer pad to protect transported goods with smooth surfaces (e.g. coated or printed cardboard boxes) against shifting and slipping. We rely on the particularly even and smooth surface of our paper. This ensures an excellent effect, i.e. high sliding friction values, on very slippery surfaces. You can imagine the ASP surface as if tiny gripper arms were gripping the tiny unevenness of a smooth surface. Accordingly, the value of 0.6 µ is far exceeded, for example, with the material pairing metal-anti-slip paper-metal, whereas a lower coefficient of sliding friction is to be expected with very uneven surfaces.

Can food come into direct contact with non-slip paper?

Yes, we have received a food safety declaration for our anti-slip paper, as we produce the coating ourselves and use neither plastic nor toxic substances. However, although the anti-slip coating is food-safe, this must also apply to the base paper if the food is greasy and moist. For this reason, only our 65 gsm anti-slip paper, which is based on a kraft liner, is completely food-safe. The other grammages are only suitable for non-greasy/moist foodstuffs.

Can anti-slip paper be used several times?

In principle, the anti-slip paper retains its effect even after repeated use. The higher the grammage, the less the paper is damaged by repeated use. After its useful life, our anti-slip paper can be perfectly recycled.

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